About Finham

Finham Park MAT is a multi academy trust based in Coventry & Warwickshire which has built a reputation for delivering high quality education to its students and delivering educational excellence over many years. We are dedicated to working with all our School Leaders to co-construct experiences that lead to all our young people being part of a “World Class” education over time. The breadth of school contexts within Finham Park Multi Academy Trust also adds huge value when we support one another to tackle the challenges faced by all schools in the changing educational environment in the UK.

Our ambition is for all schools in Finham Park Multi Academy Trust to provide a “World Class” education for their young people – providing them with the time of their lives and ensuring that they make strong contributions to the communities and societies they live in – locally, nationally and globally. On their way to becoming “World Class”, each school will be described as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Our School Improvement service is built around professional respect for colleagues and focuses on enabling capacity within organisations. Strategic school improvement planning and Self Evaluation are supported by senior Trust staff, including Ofsted trained individuals. ‘Quality Assurance’ activities engage a range of stakeholders and inform targeted and specialised Quality Support to bring about impact and desired outcomes for young people.

Our staff are at the heart of our success. We continue to develop a culture of collaboration and best practice, with professional development and career planning being a key part of this. We invest in our staff in a variety of ways at every stage of their career and aim to tailor development that is right for the individual.

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