Finham Park School

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I became a senior school leader as I wanted to make people’s lives better. The privilege of being a headteacher is that in a very real way, you can actually do that both for the staff and the students you serve.

To quote one of my favourite TV characters, Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, as captain of a large secondary school I always keep in mind ‘the mission, my ship and my crew’. In eduspeak, these can be translated as educating young people (the mission), equipping the delivery of that education (the ship) and supporting the fabulous people commissioned to deliver it (the crew).

Finham Park School is a community of staff, parents, governors and young people who are committed to delivering that core aim. We do it with kindness, integrity, humility, perseverance and courageousness; our five core values. As a result, the drive and ambition our young people have makes our school a ‘World Class School’, and one that I am humbled and grateful to lead. We do not rest on our laurels but always develop our thinking to ensure we equip young people for life.

Do come and visit us to see us in action.

Chris Bishop