Emma O’Toole

Assistant Head leading English
Pearl Hyde Primary

As an Assistant Headteacher, and more recently as a Specialist Leader in Education, I have the opportunity to support and coach many other teachers in taking their teaching to new heights.

For me, seeing children enjoy and thrive through literacy is what I find most rewarding and is what I aim to achieve in my work at Pearl Hyde.

I have been working at Pearl Hyde for fifteen years and have seen many, many children come and go and most importantly, become avid readers, writers and learners in the years they spend with us. It is not all about books though. At Pearl Hyde, we aspire to do more to bring the stories to life.

Our children and their families come from all over the world, sometimes in difficult circumstances. We work tirelessly to enrich the curriculum and the lives of our children through diverse experiences which helps to build vocabulary and knowledge – essential ingredients for life-long success.